Album # 5 Revealed "WHEN THE POOL IS OCCUPIED"

Wild Horse's 5th album called "When The Pool Is Occupied" with be released on November 18th. This monster 18-track multi-genre epic is a collection of original songs reflecting on growing up in the modern world, relationships, addiction, mental health struggles and the long journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. It incorporates, Pop, Soul, R&B and the influences of many genres are evident throughout. 

The entire album was produced by the band itself & mixed by Al Scott, a partnership that worked exceptionally well, allowing the band full creative freedom.

The album is available to Pre-Save on all platforms now: WTPIO Pre-Save

Join us for the release party on release day, November 18th at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton for a great evening of entertainment with FOXYWOMBAT, Perry Ripley & Wild Horse playing the album live. Grab your tickets on the Show section of this website. It will be a fabulous night.