“Wild Horse's music is simply the perfect soundtrack to infuse every moment with a dose of adrenaline.” Bad Wolf Records - January 24 Read Full Review Here

“Strong vocal hooks which once again give me Britpop vibes, like Liam Gallagher's vocal tones but better and more rounded”. Its All Indie - January 24 Read Full Revi

“Discover Wild Horse's captivating original single ”Wednesday Night Distractions". In the constantly evolving musical world, it is rare to find pieces that stand out." Iggy Magazine, France - January 24 Read Full Review Here 

““Wednesday Night Distractions” shows us an exciting chorus, bordering on perfection”. Music For All, Brazil - January 24 Read Full Review Here

“Their latest triumph is ‘Wednesday Night Distractions’, a track that champions wild nights out and the unforgettable and sometimes x-rated experiences.” Clout Magazine - January 24 Read Full Review Here 

“From the first pulsating notes of “Wednesday Night Distractions,” Wild Horse grabs your attention and pulls you into their world of infectious funk and upbeat melodies.” Edgar Allan Poets - January 24 Read Full Article Here

"Allow Wild Horse to take you on an emotional musical journey you will never forget – do not miss out on this wonderful musical voyage with “Attraction”. Sounds On The Couch - October 23 Read Full Review Here

"Glowing in with their signature groove and sway, ‘Attraction’ cascades through your eardrums right from pressing play with all the much-loved charisma and charm that Wild Horse always have to offer." Existential Magazine - October 23 Read Full Review Here

"‘Attraction’ confirms everything we have ever written about them: Wild Horse’s songwriting prowess is on point, and that’s perhaps the most precious strength they have to offer. Not an easy task, crafting memorable melodies and irresistible lyricism is hard work, and they seem to be crushing it. Wild Horse are on the brink of stardom: we’ll be here supporting." Mermerized Magazine - October 23 Read Full Review Here

"Wild Horse‘s latest single, “Attraction,” showcases their ability to seamlessly blend elements from various music genres and create an exceptional indie pop track." Thoughts Words Actions - September 23 Read Full Review Here

"In the vast realm of music, certain songs have the uncanny ability to transport us to a realm where emotions become melodies and stories unfold through every note. “Do You Wanna Talk” by Wild Horse is undeniably one of these captivating pieces." Illustrate Magazine - August 23 Read Full Review Here

"Reminiscent of The Byrds and the Beatles, the jangle-pop tone offers a bouncy cheerfulness to ‘Do You Wanna Talk’, despite the darker thought-provoking theme. Tossing you into a swirl of kaleidoscopic sound, bold guitars meld with pounding drums in an intoxicating whirlwind. The one element that seems to keep you anchored in the sonic whirlwind is Jack Baldwin’s vocals." The Otherside Reviews - August 23 Read Full Review Here

"The choice of placing the pre-chorus immediately after the intro reflects the mastery of Wild Horse's talented members, not only as exceptional musicians but also as ingenious and skilled composers." Bad Wolf Records - August 23 Read Full Review Here

"Wild Horse are out there working hard and pushing out tracks that will break through any minute now. I suggest you take some time for yourself to prepare for the pop revolution with the perfect tune, ‘Do You Wanna Talk." TJPL News - August 23 Read Full Review Here

"As always, Wild Horse have impressed us again with their latest release, Do You Wanna Talk. Consistently superb musicianship, writing, arrangement, and production. Most definitely ones to watch. Send Me Your Ears - August 23 Read Full Review Here

“Do You Wanna Talk” is another strong link in an unbroken chain of wonderful songs from this talented young band." Eclectic Music Lover - July 23 Read Full Review Here

"Already riding high off the back of previous hit singles ‘Cougar’ and ‘Angles’, pop trio Wild Horse have perfectly encapsulated the sound of the summer on their latest single ‘Tangled’ which is brimming with 80s synths, tropically twangy guitars and an infectiously energetic beat." Unsigned Guide Spotlight - June 23 Read Full Review Here

 “Every note of the song demonstrates the band's talent and commitment to their trade. "Tangled" is proof of Wild Horse's talent for writing songs that connect with its audience and have an impact.” El News - May 23 Read Full Review Here

"Tangled" is the best way to disconnect from any frustrations and spend a moment of sweetness with Wild Horse. ”Tangled” is a sonic masterpiece driven by a perfect mastery of captivating guitar riffs and drums. Author and composer Wild Horse sets the bar high to offer us this unique sound texture.”  Iggy Magazine - May 23 Read Full Article Here

 “TANGLED” promises to be a heartfelt and nostalgic journey into the struggles of long-distance love, set against the vibrant soundscape that has become synonymous with Wild Horse. As the band continues to make waves in the music scene, fans eagerly await the release of “TANGLED” and the opportunity to experience Wild Horse’s electrifying live performances on their UK tour. With their undeniable talent, passion, and creativity, Wild Horse is a name you won’t want to forget." Honk Magazine - May 23 Read Full Article Here

“Brit Pop Meets Indie Rock: Wild Horse and the Ever So Relatable ‘Angels’ Melancholy meets sheer positivity. Heart-wrenching but catchy-as-fuck. Wild Horse has constructed a vivid story driven by confused emotions. ‘Angels’ is a must-listen.” Music Is To Blame - March 23 Read Full Review Here

“We have absolutely no doubt that this will bring the band a whole new batch of fans, and deservedly so. Wild Horse have impressed us once again with their versatility and musicianship. Great stuff!” Send Me Your Ears - March 23 Read Full Article Here

‘Angles’ by Wild Horse: The Epitome of Indie Music Infusing Retro Vibes with Modern Sonic Artistry. Wild Horse has unleashed a sonic gem with their latest single, “Angles.” A stunning musical creation that’s sure to captivate and enthral even the most discerning music aficionados.” Sinusoidal Music - March 23 Read Full Review Here

“Wild Horse is bringing it hard. The band’s latest single, ‘Angles,’ is a beautiful song that hits every note you need it to. From 3 seconds in it’s an indie classic, and from that point on you let yourself go, getting lost in the waves of melody and those cotton harmonies.” TJPL News - March 23 Read Full Review Here

“The Brighton-based band Wild Horse presents the bombastic hit “Angles,” after the release and success of their first release in 2023, “COUGAR.” They pooled their ravishing skills and charismatic performances and poured it all into the infectious and relatable-to-many tune.” Rock Era Magazine - March 23 Read Full Review Here

“With their infectious sound and captivating live performances, Wild Horse is a band to watch out for in 2023 and beyond.” Sono Music - March 23 Read Full Article Here

“Wild Horse are a band to watch out for. With their passionate performances, real talent and potential, there’s no doubt these guys are on the path to success. “COUGAR” is an exciting and high-energy song that will surely captivate its audience. Music Arena GH - February 23 Read The Full Review Here

“Perfect representation of the English cougar, the song "Cougar" by the trio Wild Horse enveloped us in an intoxicating wave of sound that conquered us from the start of this musical nugget.” Iggy Magazine - January 23 Read The Full article Here

“Wild Horse new track Cougar is a musical abyss filled with colourful imaginative sounds that will have you dancing in your room! You feel the past decades of music just go through your headphones as you enjoy this piece of art!” Drop The Spotlight - Jan 23 Read Full Review Here

"Gearing up for their first release of the year, ‘Cougar’, Wild Horse showcases once again their constant progression, both in terms of musical prowess and production, and in terms of songwriting. Embracing the signature funk/disco attitude we have come to expect from the group, ‘Cougar’ keeps it dynamic and dancy, providing the perfect sonic framework for a lead vocal that has never sounded better." Find Your Sound Music - January 23 Read Full Review Here

“A Pop-rock trio Wild Horse is making waves in the industry. I hope this sentence turns out to be in a movie representing Wild Horse someday because these dudes have got it going for them!” OG Music - December 22 Read Full Review Here

"Wild Horse is an excellent British trio that mixes pop with American funk to produce danceable, fun and addictive songs like the single “Fire.” Roadie Music - November 22  Read Full Review Here

“Bringing back more of that warm and euphoric indie-rock direction they are known for, 'Bitter' makes for a wonderfully fresh and uplifting listen. Taking cues from the likes of The 1975 and Catfish & The Bottlemen, this shimmering new cut perfectly illustrates why so many have been singing their praises of late.” The Real Ding - September 22  Read Full review Here.

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard a song capture the purest example of a bittersweet love song. Rising on a wave of huge support from big hitters on the independent music scenes Indie Pop enthusiasts, Wild Horse unleash their latest offering ‘Bitter’.”  Bar Stool Music - September 22  Read Full Review HERE

“Breezing through buoyant instrumentals, relatable lyricism, and soulful guitar lines that wriggle in the head long after the track has finished, “Bitter” lands as another polished cut of indie-pop from Sussex based-band.”  Music City Memo - September 22  Read Full Review HERE

“"Joy Ride" starts off with some funky guitars, soothing vocal lines and tremendous harmonies. As mentioned it's a continuation from their last major release but it sounds like the trio has been working hard at getting this to be a groovy track that'll get you bumping and grinding to it - yes it's a damn sexy slice of music. If you're a fan of the slick production of The 1975's music, the throwback vibes of the 80s and groovy basslines then you're in for a real treat!” Its All Indie - July 22  Read Full Review HERE

“Wild Horse is an East Sussex-based band of three ardent artists. Together they create indie rock and soul tunes that are loved by their diverse audience. Through their convincing and vibrant musical ingenuity, they are on their way to establishing themselves as one of a kind. Their music is not only unique but also equally amazing and enjoyable.” Sinusoidal Music - July 22  Read Full Review HERE

“You really don’t know what you are going to get next, they have such a mixed bag of material to draw from. Funk? Blues? Rock? a bit of Punk? I will let you decide when you go see these guys. No fillers from Wild Horse. It was a non-stop set of such diversity; it really was something quite special and unique. These guys will keep you on your toes.” Ian Bourne – Sussex Scene December 21                  Read Full Gig Review Here  

“The new album, “When the Pool is Occupied”, is a wonderfully upbeat and soulful collection of 18 original songs reflecting on growing up in the modern world, relationships, addiction, mental health struggles and the long journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. Their sound seems to be influenced by an eclectic range of genres... from indie-pop to blue-eyed soul, R&B and funk to rock and roll.” BN1 Magazine – December 2021 Edition Print & Online  Read Full Album Review Here 

No better way to kick off the year than a new banger from #Burwash rock heroes, Wild Horse. A soulful slow jam, Coffee In The Morning is now playing on BBC Introducing”  BBC Introducing – January 6th 2022 

“Their 5th Album, When the Pool is Occupied, was released November 18, 2021, and has slayed expectations, more so than any prior which is most incredible! This album dishes 18 original, genre-defying songs about relationships, struggles and joys within an insane world.” Brecon Reviews – November 2021 

"Pray '89," Wild Horse does what they do best and launches their flaming and exciting funk-inspired instrumentals through our speakers without a dull moment. The song's overall groove is captivating, especially as Jack sings his sultry and lustful lyricism to up the energy and keep the power at a high.” LA Buzz Music 

“Well, let me say that Wild Horse has created a near-epic album running just over an hour in length, and featuring 18 wonderful tracks that span across genres from rousing post-punk bangers to angst-filled piano ballads to bouncy dance-pop gems. The songs explore issues related to growing up in the modern world, relationships, struggles with addiction and mental health, and the long journey towards self-acceptance and self-love.” Eclectic Music Lover                                                                                                        Read Full Album Review Here 

“If you could merge a bit of Busted, Doobie Brothers, The Who and a snatch of U2 and the Stones you might get somewhere close. Then some of that is wrapped in a bouncing funky wrapper. But you do need to see these guys and form your own opinion. They are terrifically unique.” Ian Bourne – Sussex Scene December 21 

““Symphony of Broken Hearts” is laid back but has an intensity underlined by Jack’s dynamic upper register vocal performance. Also underlined here is their ability to pen a cool hook and corresponding melody. Another interesting, impressive step on their ongoing journey.” Neil March – Trust The Doc – September 2021 

“Experience Musical Mastery with Wild Horse's Latest Album. The East Sussex-based boys are back and better than ever; the flaming trio Wild Horse releases their highly-anticipated 18-track album entitled 'When The Pool Is Occupied.'” LA Buzz Music – November 21      Read Full Album Review Here 

““Freaky Together”, I am loving the infectious energy of the song and how passionate Jack's vocal delivery is. I am very fond of the tone of his vocals which instantly make the song quite recognisable and gives it a cool edge that I find captivating. I am particularly fond of the groovy bass, killer guitar riffs and how the song oozes feel-good summer vibes. Definitely a song that will get you in a good mood in no time. Ceasar Live and Loud – 1st September 2021                                                                                                                Read Full Review Here 

I had the privilege of getting to pick Wild Horse’s brains just before their 5th album launch party at the Hope and Ruin this month – I danced my little feet off! They are a genuinely lovely group of guys, who are uncommonly open about their experience of life – something I’m sure you can pick up on listening to their newest album! Wild Horse deserve every success that comes their way – and there have been a fair few of those lately: radio plays across the country and abroad, packed gigs and a dedicated fan base locally and online. Jessie McGregor – BN1 Magazine – Nov 21                                                                                                                    Read Full Interview Here 

“The new album by Sussex trio Wild Horse is “When The Pool Is Occupied”. It represents the culmination of what has probably been the most significant stretch of their young careers so far (and they started early!)” . Trust The Doc – Edition 61                                    Read The Full Album Review Here

“Those boys in Wild Horse are back with a Freaky new funk-rock banger. “Freaky Together” is steaming up the windows at BBC Introducing right now!”  BBC Intro - 12th August 2021 

“Any band that can reference Mott The Hoople and Muddy Waters in a song, which, for me, has the energy and skilful song writing of Pete Shelley and The Buzzcocks, gets my vote. “Record Collection” is a Fab song from a talented young band.”                            Wilybo Walker – July 21 

“As the song continues to drift through our speakers with its playfulness and upbeat vibe, Wild Horse leaves us tapping our feet to the song's irresistible beat and joyful undertones. Reaching the outro, the entire instrumentals glisten through our speakers while ending the song on a note of passion and enthusiasm.”  LA Buzz Music – July 21                                                                                      Read Full Interview & Review Here 

“Yet another stomping rock earworm from the South East's most prolific trio. From #Burwash, Wild Horse are back! Heartache Street has us pining.”  BBC INTRODUCING - May 13th 2021 

“Eager owns Song writing that breaks the creativity and relatability scales into dust. The delivery is ungoverned and masterful; the Guitars and Drums hook a sound blend that lands in a place where R&R, Rock and Punk hang out and party.”                                  Mary Wood – Brecon Indie Reviews - March 24th 2021 

“You can’t beat a bit of the prolific Wild Horse from Burwash, and this is bound to get you up up and dancing to Can’t Stop (Meeting on the Dancefloor).” BBC Intro - Dec 9 2020 

“The most prolific band of the Southeast are back with another total rock fest, Time's Up“ BBC Introducing 14th November 2020 

“One of the most prolific bands in rock, and never going half measures on riffs Ex-Recluse is an anthem”                                         BBC Introducing - 22nd September 2020 

“Wild Horse’s prolific purple patch continues! EX-RECLUSE bounces along with a huge bass line. Ex-Recluse there's no excuse Raising hands” BBC Introducing - 2nd September 2020 

“Those WILD HORSE boys are at it again, “The Ooh Ooh Song” will be in your head for so long you're gonna need to get a doctor’s note.” BBC Intro - 22nd July 2020 

“Impassioned vocals are delivered in anthemic style, seemingly growing throughout song whilst melodic bass and driving percussion propel Wild Horse’s new single, resulting in a well-rounded indie Britpop gem.”                                                                               Jay Landman, Music For The Misfits – July 2nd 2020 

“There are no guarantees in life, but there are two with the new album from Wild Horse. The first is that even if you had to pay $50 for this album you would say it was worth every penny. The second guarantee is that you are listening to something very special. When you listen to Wild Horse from their very first release through their previous albums and EPs, you have watched a band go from starting out great to a band this is truly incredible.  You cannot predict success in the music industry, but the band Wild Horse is well on its way to being a household name around the world.”                                                                                                                                 AL YARDLY – KB RADIO CANADA – July 2nd 2020 

“Kickass trio Wild Horse shares the slow-burning, yet anthemic single, ‘Don’t Want You To Go’. With its soaring and dynamic energy, it gives us a snippet of what’s to come from their upcoming album, ‘We Are In An Identity Crisis… But We Love It!.”                Indietronica, Weekly Gems – June 28th 2020 

“Don’t Want You To Go’ captures the soaring and dynamic energy of acts like U2 and Sam Fender, and gives us even more reasons to be excited for their upcoming collection, which is expected to arrive on the 16th July.”                                                                        The Noise Gate – June 26th 2020 

“British outfit preview their new album with this bold and uplifting indie-rock stunner”                                                                   Chris Bound, Mystic Sons - New Music Discoveries - June 26th 2020 

“Is there a louder trio out there?  Wild Horse are one of the hottest new guitar bands going. “Can't!” is real stomper”                        BBC INTRODUCING - 17th June 2020 

"I played a song called "Can't" by Wild Horse out of England! These young guys kick so much ass!! OMG! You have to hear this!! I bet you start singing along to it upon hearing it for the first time. "Can't" really set the mood of today's show."                                          Phil Dupuis of The Colorado Phil Show - June 3rd 2020  

“One of the most promising new guitar bands we've come across, Wild Horse just keep getting better. Their song “CAN’T!” is further proof that well, they can!”                                                                                                                                                        BBC Introducing - May 27th 2020 

“Wild Horse hail from East Sussex and have been building a reputation for their exciting energetic indie-based sound. They are highly proactive on social media and very supportive of fellow bands and artists which is always heartening to see. 2020 could be a big year for them. Let’s hope so.”                                                                                                                                                                Neil March – Trust-The-Doc-Edition-33 

“Move over Rudyard Kipling – Burwash has a new claim to fame. “BLAME” is an expert slice of Pop Rock – What a Chorus”                       BBC INTRODUCING – 25th January 2020 

“Garagey, crunchy and catchy. Three of our fav things that Wild Horse have combined into a beautiful explosion with “9:10”              BBC INTRODUCING – 18th December 2019