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A country and soul influenced track which deals with the serious subject of alcoholism. Everyone knows someone who doesn’t quite grasp when the fun ends and the seriousness begins. It is an ode to everyone who has had to deal with the heart-breaking effects of watching a loved one lose themselves to the bottle.


“WT**** is going on?” is perhaps a question on everyone’s minds as we enter a new world living alongside Covid 19. This song was born out of the pressures of money troubles and that seemingly inescapable rut many of us have experienced. However, in this new world it has become so much more…it is an anthem for all of the confusion, yes, money troubles with many not being able to work, and for those working tirelessly to create a better world when this unprecedented time is over, and those fighting everyday against the silent killer, such as the NHS workers. In a time where its very difficult to feel like your very existence isn’t being controlled by the government, it’s important to stick together, which is what this song is all about.