"Anxiety" on BBC Introducing Thursday March 31st

We are delighted that our new release "ANXIETY" will be played on the excellent Melita Denett, BBC Introducing show this Thursday (TONIGHT) starting 8pm (UK). Listen in on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey, in Brighton on 95.3FM, in Sussex & Surrey on 104-104.8 FM or listen from anywhere in the world on BBC Sounds App. Many thanks Melita for all your support. 

Please Text in your support during the show (you need to start texts with the word ‘radio’) on 81333 (normal rates apply) or Tweet / Post on Twitter/ Facebook @BBCIntroSouth 

“”Anxiety”, a crunchy moment mid-album powered by some snappy drums and funky disco-infused instrumentation. Lyrically, Wild Horse carefully explores their day-to-day experience of anxiety – the true pandemic among people of my generation. Jack’s vocals are as raw and honest as the experiences he sings about:” Jessie McGregor, BN1 Magazine 

“"Anxiety," this song blasts off with nothing but energy through Jack Baldwin's synth mastery, his beaming electric guitar riffs, Henry's bouncy synth bass, and Barnes' snappy drums. The tune is incredibly infectious, similar to how it's easy for us to feel anxiety when others are spinning through turmoil. Jack Baldwin continues to strain his vocals with the utmost control and poise while singing about a theme that's quite the opposite; being riddled with anxiety and wishing others wouldn't be so quick to judge. This song stands out as one of our favourites thanks to the impeccable guitar solo and the overall disco-infused appeal. LA Buzz Music 

“One of my favourites on the album is “Anxiety“, a joyful, upbeat song about the emotional roller-coaster ride we willingly take when attraction for another hits us like a ton of bricks, rendering us helpless in the throes of passionate longing. I love the exuberant synths, funky dance grooves and the guys’ beautiful vocal harmonies. Jack’s plaintive vocals sing of emotions we’ve all felt at some point in our lives, fearful we’ll make a fool of ourselves: “Petrified by the things you say (petrified). I only met you yesterday (yesterday). But really, I’m fine. I’m just going with the groove. Only been preparing for like 24 hours through.” Eclectic Music Lover

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