Brighton & Tunbridge Wells Gigs.

We had a fantastic time on Thursday putting on our own show at The Bandstand on Brighton Beach. We took a gamble that we could get people to stop & watch us for a while. It worked brilliantly as many people stopped & watch the whole set, we went slightly over the allotted time and did a double encore. It was a real delight & surprise to see people who saw us in Brighton for the first time, then come over to Tunbridge Wells to see us again on the Mainstage at Local & Live. 

This was a fantastic gig & so professionally put together by Paul Dunton & all his staff. We had an absolutely fabulous time playing to such a brilliant audience. We know some are coming to our last outdoor gig of the season next Sunday, September 4th at The Stade Beach in Hastings. 

If you missed us at these two gigs, try to get along next Saturday, once again its Free & Open to All & once again we guarantee Maximum Entertainment…