Out today, our next new single "SYMPHONY OF BROKEN HEARTS" from our new album (out Nov 18th). Available on all streaming or download platforms, or listen to it here on our web player. Sign up to our mailing list & we will mail you back a 20% download discount code.

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"Talking of young bands, Sussex trio Wild Horse are still barely out of their teenage years and yet have been around so long it is easy to forget how young they are. The prolific act have another new single out today (30th September) called Symphony of broken hearts. As with their two previous releases, it feels like there has been a conscious decision to move away from being an out and out Rock band. This song is in a slower tempo than usual with a really interesting descending chord pattern that appears periodically and is almost Beatlesesque. The song is laid back but has an intensity underlined by Jack’s dynamic upper register vocal performance. Also underlined here is their ability to pen a cool hook and corresponding melody. Another interesting, impressive step on their ongoing journey."                                Neil March - Trust The Doc Edition 60 - September 30th 2021

We hope you enjoy it.

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